Station Eleven is our final reading of the semester because it brings together so many of the themes of Technologies of Text into conversation. It is a book about media and memory, art and technology, preservation and ephemerality. For today’s prompt, I would like you to bring Station Eleven into direct conversation with a previous reading from the semester. You can choose whichever reading you want, but you should cite it specifically (at least one passage) and think through how it might speak to at least two passages from Station Eleven. You might illustrate how the reading complements ideas from the novel, or how the novel complicates the ideas in the reading. If you’ve read the entire book you can work from passages beyond page 164, but please include at least one passage from our first reading and, perhaps more importantly, don’t discuss any passages from beyond page 164 in our class discussion today. In other words, as best as we can, NO SPOILERS!