Prompt: Consider the following excerpt from page 187 of Vikram Chandra’s book Geek Sublime:

The poet Kshemendra—Abhinavagupta’s student—left this advice:

A poet should learn with his eyes
the forms of leaves
he should know how to make
people laugh when they are together
he should get to see
what they are really like
he should know about oceans and mountains
in themselves
and the sun and the moon and the stars
his mind should enter into the seasons
he should go
among many people
in many places
and learn their languages

I have a sabbatical coming up. My plan is (1) write fiction; (2) learn a functional programming language; and (3) learn Sanskrit.

For Chandra, what is the connection between these three activities, as expressed in the selections we read from Geek Sublime? How are writing, language learning, and coding similar; how are they distinct; and how do they both inform and contradict each other? Refer to at least one specific passage we can discuss together in class.